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Written by Sysop on April 9th, 2014

Trade War 2002   5 comments

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Trade War 2002

Come over to play Trade Wars 2002

A rebang this week on all of the games here and set them up just right for all you script users. You can join the games in Trade War 2002 by telnet just log into the After Hours BBS or you can telnet right into the game on port 2002. Try the server out and tell us what you think then if you like the server and the settings tell others. I want to thanks Caretaker & Traveler for all the help showing me all of the tweaks.


 Also we have two games on Trade War v3.09 running in the BBS one of the games seems to get a lot of action!

Also make sure to try our server outside of the BBS at: port:2002


Written by Sysop on January 6th, 2014

Obsolete Software – Abandonware   no comments

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Remembering Yesterday!

  Here at After Hours BBS we are always looking for 
  shareware and abandonware software, so if you see a 
  interesting program, file or DOS utility on another 
  BBS or web site please upload them here. We are always 
  looking for the old software to share with others here and 
  also to install and use on a few of my old pre 1990'S computer 
  antiques I have at home. Please though I am only looking for 
  abandonware, not any type of software that you can buy and 
  register with the author it has to be obsolete or abandonware.

Thanks for the thought, Havok

Written by Sysop on July 2nd, 2013

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BBS Banner Home Page
Report a Dead Link


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