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    From Jagossel@DIGDIST/BATTLEST/FREEWAY to All on Fri Oct 4 04:36:00 2019
    I have been busy working on a big project for work for the past few months. This application gathers data from various data sources and dumps it in an Excel workbook that will be used by another process to parse the workbook and aggregate the data back into a database. This workbook is from a "template" that has complex calculations that would take years to replicate on .NET.

    I cannot believe how slow it is to use Excel/Office InterOp in .NET! I did finally give up and used NPOI instead (the .NET port of POI that was written in Java). The issue that I have NPOI is that it is choking on the complicated formulas, namely the SUMPRODUCT formula.

    I am open to alternative solutions that won't cost anything (if possible).


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